Diary of La Gordita

I'll be sharing my journey to leading a healthier lifestyle, while keeping my roots (yes, you can still have your rellenos!) and still enjoying an occasional happy hour with the girls. It'll kick start with a weight-loss journey and we'll go from there. I'll be sharing everything from recipes to frustrations to workouts to tips and advice to just plain rants and raves.

I also recently started the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and I'm chronicling it because I want to win cash and a vacation from them! Ask me how you can, too!

One more thing to take note of...

I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR CERTIFIED ANYTHING SO PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING AS MEDICAL ADVICE. I'm just sharing my diary of my journey and what works for ME. Everyone's body is different. I recommend seeing a doctor before doing anything you read on this website.

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This shake is inspired by pistachio pie. Not sure if anyone has ever had that? One of my aunt’s makes this one. It has a graham cracker crust, pistachio pudding like filling and topped with whipped cream. Needless to say, the other day I was thinking about it so here we are :)

Pistachio Dream Body by Vi Shake

2 tsp sugar free fat free pistachio jello pudding mix
8-10 oz fat free milk (or your choice of alt milk)
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp fat free whipped cream (optional)
1/4 of a graham cracker (optional)
1/4 cup ice
2 scoops ViSalus protein shake mix

The whip cream and tiny bit of graham cracker give it the complete pie taste. Although, since the ViSalus mix already tastes like cake mix if you just add the pistachio flavored pudding mix and vanilla, it’ll give you that same taste. The extra two ingredients just take it further. 


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